All proceeds will be donated to Sportsman's Alliance, an organization that fights to protect your hunting, fishing, and trapping rights across the country.


ATTENTION!!! Rules have changed slightly this year.

After reviewing feedback from the 2015 Santa Slay, we've made a few changes to better the tournament, while staying within our vision for the event. The biggest changes are as follows:

  • We will be paying out 3 places this year instead of the single jackpot payout of years past.
  • Check-in location has changed! We'll be in central Arizona to allow equal opportunity for all Arizona participants. 


We will again be donating to Sportsmen's Alliance to help protect our hunting, fishing, and trapping rights across the country. As sportsman, it is our responsibility to help maintain the natural right we have pursuing our quarry in the field. Since we can't all devote the time needed to fight for this right, organizations like Sportsman's Alliance make it possible to contribute to the cause.

DIVISION OF FUNDS  (after expenses) 

  • 10% - donated to Sportsman's Alliance
  • 50% - FIRST PLACE
  • 30% - SECOND PLACE
  • 10%  - THIRD PLACE

Check out the 2015 results here. 
2014 results can be viewed here.

8th Annual Santa Slay Calling Tournament

Central Arizona  |  December 17-18, 2016

1 ½ Day Competition

2-3 Person Teams  |  $50/person