Ross was born into a hunting family and raised surrounded by hunting and the outdoors. In 2nd grade, he helped his dad skin out an Arizona buffalo and he attributes that experience to jump-starting his lifelong passion for hunting. It was after that experience he knew hunting would remain a staple in his life. It wasn’t until his freshman year at Montana State, where he met Aaron McCann that he got into predator calling. Hundreds of coyotes and dozens of videos later, Ross remains dedicated and is still out there calling every chance he gets.



Aaron spent much of his childhood in the woods of the Midwest – chasing deer with his dad and grandpa. At 13, his family relocated to Arizona where he’s continued his love of hunting and the outdoors. Aaron is responsible for bringing predator calling to rest of the crew and has remained an integral part of its success.



Ryan grew up in the West surrounded by the outdoors and hunting. He first met Ross and Aaron while attending Montana State. Now years later, Ryan is equipped with an AR-15 and the coyotes had better look out. Like the rest of the crew, Ryan has a day job that takes up most of his time, but the times he can get away makes everyone's experience more entertaining.



John lives and breathes predator hunting and is also an avid big game hunter. Born and raised in Arizona, he is the owner and custom braider of NvrGvUp Lanyards, his lanyards are unique and have a cool southwestern style and are some of the best on the market! John is no stranger to the sport of calling and brings a unique and successful style to the group.