The entire Call-In the Country Team is so appreciative of each one of our sponsors. It's the support of these people and companies that make what we do easier. You can trust each one of these companies is ran by good people with great products, simply because we wouldn't associate ourselves with anyone different. Each and every product we put our name behind is put to the test prior to their acceptance as sponsors. If you find it on this page, rest assured it is what you want. 

Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Contact us! We'd love to try your products.

A proven leader in the electronic game call industry, FOXPRO continues to improve upon their technologies year after year. With an electronic caller to suite every budget and need, FOXPRO is the call you should have in you gear bag.

At Notch, we make the world's greatest and most innovative hats. We set out to make one of the most worn pieces of headwear on the planet, the baseball cap, even better than it already was. Our patent-pending technology effectively eliminates the interference that commonly occurs between your hat and your sunglasses. It works with most wrap-around style sunglasses, shooting glasses and safety glasses. 

GunSkins are Do-It-Yourself, high-performance vinyl wraps that can be applied to anything you want to protect and camouflage. They are waterproof and have a non-reflective matte finish. GunSkins conform to any shape and are easy to install. They are removable and leave no residue behind. GunSkins are available in a variety of tactical, hunting and traditional camouflage patterns.

Solvid: the most capable, affordable, and highest film quality head cam system available, consisting of the CamStrap Head Camera Mount, CamSac, and CamHat. Use any camera, camcorder or cell phone that has a 1/4″ tripod thread and records video. If you’re looking for more than just head cam footage, take advantage of the incredible video quality, size, features and prices of today’s digital cameras, strap it to your head, and film it yourself.